Are pecan pralines gluten free

Are Pecan Pralines Gluten Free?

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Even if you interchange the words, the expression or names ‘pecan pralines’ and ‘praline pecans’ sound almost similar. So, you might have the impression that whether you buy praline pecans or pecan pralines both types of candied nuts are nearly alike. In case you’re not an aficionado of nuts, you might easily jump to the above conclusion.

Are Pecan Pralines Gluten Free?

However, in reality there’s a marked difference between praline pecans and pecan pralines. Pecan pralines are prepared using dried pecan nuts and a host of other ingredients, chief amongst them being sugar, cream, and butter. Praline pecans, on the other hand, are made from a single pecan nut, usually coated with candy.

Pecans that are raw are free from gluten. Whole grains, like wheat, and numerous products prepared by processing wheat contain gluten. Many individuals have intolerance for gluten that is they cannot ingest gluten, chiefly due to Celiac Disease. Flavored or candied pecans, especially the non-branded or local varieties, more often than not may contain gluten.  Would you like to see a chart of our gluten free products?

The Dish on Pecan Pralines

Pralines are basically confectionary items made primarily from nuts and processed sugar. Sometimes, cream or butter is also added to the blend to enhance the taste. Pralines are available in three distinct varieties including French pralines, Belgian pralines, and American pralines.

France is regarded as the birthplace of pralines. French pralines are by and large made from caramelized sugar and almonds. Belgian pralines have chocolaty kernels that reveal a yummy liquid filling of syrup, sugar, almonds, and hazelnuts. The American variety tends to be creamier and softer, and usually made from a blend of pecans and syrup, almonds or hazelnuts, cream, butter or milk.

Pralines started becoming popular in the US with the arrival of French colonists. French immigrant, settlers, and planters shifted to the Southern zones of the US and established colonies. The immigrants and settlers came across pecan trees growing in the wild. Though they were used to making pralines using almonds, they substituted these nuts with pecans as almonds did not thrive in the South US.

The colonists and immigrants added cream for imparting a soft crunchy texture to the pralines. This variety of praline originated in New Orleans, and thereafter it became popular all over the Southern US.  Discover for yourself how mouthwatering they are. Our online shop allows one to buy pecan pralines are completely gluten-free.  How long to pecan pralines last?

Pecan pralines: Do they contain gluten?

Almost all types of nuts and that include pecans as well, are sourced from kernels instead of grains, and hence are gluten-free. Keep in mind that flavored or pecan pralines and praline pecans might contain gluten, depending upon the ingredients used for producing them. If you’ve an allergy to gluten or simply wish to savor pecans that are free of gluten, you can order fresh pecans in shell.

Sweet Nutty Conclusion

Are you looking to buy praline pecans or buy pecans online that do not contain gluten? You can browse the net for Pecan companies in Texas, New Orleans, and Louisiana for gluten-free pecan pralines.

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