Texas pecan gifts

Texas Pecan Gifts

The Millicans

If you are living in Texas, you are fortunate enough to enjoy nature’s gift covered in little shells. Yes, we are talking about pecans. The rich, buttery flavor of pecans goes with everything. Of course, you can munch on a handful of pecans daily to enjoy the health benefits or you can enjoy the variety of pecan candy assortments that are available on the market.

You can get yummy treats and desserts made out of pecans from companies like Millican Pecan Company. The selections available can help you create the perfect gift for your friends, family or clients. Here are some Texas pecan gift ideas for you to consider.

Texas Pecan Gift Ideas

  1. Fresh Pecan Halves - If you want to gift something that is not too fancy but good and useful, what better gift can there be then a bag of fresh pecans. Millican Pecans are providing the best San Saba Pecans since 1888.
  2. Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket - This pecan gift is perfect for coffee lovers. Coffee and pecan is an ultimate combination for your daily coffee, snacks, and dessert. The kick of caffeine with the sweet, nutty flavor of pecan is something you would not want to miss. This gift basket contains a 1/2lb of premium Butter Pecan Coffee and delicious Cappuccino pecans in an 8oz bag.
  3. Baker's Special - Here is something special for all the bakers out there. This gift package contains Fresh Grade 1 pecans for your freshly baked goodies. There are 3 lb burlap bags each of fresh pecans, pecan halves, and pecan meal. You also get a ‘’Millican Pecan’’ apron as a gift to wear in the kitchen at any time.
  4. Chocolate Pecan Caramillican Gift Box - This gift box contains wonderful chocolate and pecan treats. The chocolate Pecan Carmillicans come in three flavors, white, dark and milk chocolate. The pecans are covered with butter-rich caramel and topped with white, dark, or milk chocolate. These Chocolate Caramillican Gift Boxfancy and scrumptious Chocolate Pecan Carmillicans in a decorated box is a perfect gift to give to anyone.
  5. Sampler Pecan Gift Basket - For those who love pecans in any form and flavor, they are going to appreciate this Sampler Pecan Gift Basket. The gift basket contains six 4 oz bags of flavored pecans. Sweet and spicy, Roasted and Salted, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate Toffee are great flavors to try.
  6. Seventh Heaven Gift Tin - This delicious Texas pecan gift comprises a wide variety of pecans. The seven of the best selling Millican Pecan flavors in this gift tin are Chocolate Pecans, Chocolate Toffee Pecans, Chocolate Amaretto Pecans, White Chocolate Pecans, Roasted and Salted Pecans, Plantation Praline Pecans, and Honey Roasted Pecans. Enjoy the many flavors of Millican Pecan with your family or gift them to a true pecan lover.
  7. Creamy Pecan Butter - This Creamy Pecan Butter is a healthy and more delicious alternative to peanut butter. This all-natural nut butter has no sugar or additives, just pecans, and a little salt. Creamy Pecan butter can be a wonderful gift to anyone who is looking for healthy breakfast options. It is also gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Enjoy it on toast, crackers, PB (Pecan Butter and Jelly Sandwich), or simply a spoonful. Unlike peanut butter and other types of nut butter, Pecan butter has no lingering aftertaste or smell on your breath, and is also not oily like almond butter.

We hope you like these pecan gift ideas and find something you will happily gift to anyone you want to.

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