Are Pecans Healthy?

Are Pecans Healthy?

Pecan Nutrition

Are Pecans Healthy?

Going nuts trying to decipher medical jargon and whether or not nuts are as healthy as they claim to be? But what about the fat? Aren’t they high in fat? And aren’t they high in calories? Hopefully we can clear up some of that confusion today.

Nutrients in Pecans 

There’s a lot of research out there in regards to pecans and heart health, so we did the investigating for you. Overall, studies have found that incorporating nuts into your diet may have the following effects:

  • Lower your low-density lipoprotein (LDL). You may have heard of this “LDL” term, which we commonly know as "bad" cholesterol and triglyceride levels. High levels of this LDL can cause unhealthy arteries.
  • Decrease inflammation linked to heart disease
  • Decrease the risk of developing blood clots
  • Improve the health of the arterial lining

What makes pecans healthy? Besides being known for their high protein and “healthy” fat content, pecan nuts have a rather impressive nutritional write-up:

  • 0mg cholesterol
  • Naturally sodium-free
  • Provides about 10% of the recommended Daily Value for fiber
  • Over 19 vitamins and minerals (to include vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, folic acid, B-vitamins and zinc)
  • Good source of unsaturated fatty acids; these are the “healthy” fats that we refer to as having heart healthy qualities
  • Good source of phytochemicals; these bad boys have high antioxidant properties that help to prevent heart disease

Eat Pecans Daily 

Like anything else, it’s important to consider that finicky word, “moderation”. Since these nuts are known to be high in fat and protein, we don’t have to overdo it. Also to take into account, just like dieting won’t work as well without exercise, eating a serving of pecans every day won’t have as strong of benefits without leaving behind other saturated fatty foods in our diet.

So, if you’re on the track to a healthier you, keep pecans in mind and in close reach; all you need is a handful. Whether you are making homemade trail mix or pecan-crusted salmon, adding a serving of Texas pecans to your diet, at least five days a week, can be an easy way to keep your heart healthy and reap the nutritional benefits these nuts have to offer.

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