What are Pecans Good for

What Are Pecans Good For?

Pecan Nutrition

When the holiday season starts, delicious pecan pie is all the rage. Pecan pie is one of the most popular and loved deserts in the US. The warm buttery pie crust, with soft and sweet pecan filling and the top of crunchy pecans, is all that you need to finish off a perfect meal.

Where pecans are popular for making pecan pie and other desserts, their nutty and sweet taste make them good enough to enjoy on their own. Pecans not only taste good but they are extremely good for your body too. They are highly nutritious and packed with loads of vitamins and antioxidants, providing you with many health benefits.

What Are Pecans Good For?

Pecans have an abundance of vitamins and important minerals. They contain riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic acid, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, and copper. There are also loads of antioxidants like flavonoids and phenols that reduce oxidative stress from the body.

Pecans are a very good source of healthy fats and essential amino acids that are necessary for healthy skin and hair. The high fiber content ensures good and proper digestion.

The Benefits Of Eating Pecans Regularly

Now that you know how rich pecans are in nutrients, it is easy to understand the health benefits that come with pecans. Remember that you will get the benefits of pecans better if you consume them regularly and add them to your diet in a healthy way. Here is what pecans are good for.

1. Improving Digestion

Pecan nuts are packed with fiber, so they are very good for colon health and help regulate bowel movements. Pecan nuts also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and colitis. Pecans are good in preventing gastrointestinal diseases as they help in cleaning the gut.

2. Losing Weight

Now before you go all excited and stock on pecans here is the thing. Pecans are good for speeding up your metabolism that can help you lose weight if you follow a healthy diet. Pecans have the goodness of vitamins, especially Vitamin B6, folates, and pantothenic acid, which can help you reduce weight.

3. Anti-inflammation

Pecans are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants, so people who have anti-inflammatory issues must include them in their diet.

4. Stimulate Hair Growth

Pecans contain essential amino acids. L-arginine is known to treat baldness in men when applied topically. L-arginine is richly present in pecans, which increases the flexibility of artery walls. This results in quick blood flow to the roots of the hair, nourishing them and eventually promoting healthy hair growth. Pecans can not only help your hair grow healthy but also prevent hair loss as they contain iron, which helps combats hair loss problems.

5. Regulates the Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Level

The high nutritional content of healthy fats, amino acids, and antioxidants makes pecans one of the top foods for heart health. According to several studies, regular consumption of pecans help reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure. A handful of pecans can help reduce LDL or bad cholesterol and promote HDL or good cholesterol, preventing stroke and coronary heart diseases.

6. Improve Brain Functioning

Studies suggest that a regular intake of pecans helps improve brain functioning. Improved brain functioning can prevent the risks of neurogenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

There are more than enough reasons to eat pecans. Pecans can be enjoyed as candied pecans, praline pecans, in deserts or salads, and simply on their own, roasted or fresh. To get the most of the goodness of pecans, it is better to eat them on their own or add them to salads.

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