Can You Get Sick From Pecan Pie?

Can You Get Sick From Pecan Pie?

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Pecan pies are one of the most popular pies in the United States. People serve them as a luxurious and flavorsome treat to their guests in holiday dinners, especially on Thanksgiving. 

The main ingredients of these pies are nuts, which are extremely good for your body. They offer you tons of benefits because they are rich in essential nutrients. These pies also include butter, eggs, sugar, and flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and bourbon whiskey.  

Since it has a variety of ingredients, you can’t store it for a long time. Eating an old pie can get you mildly or even severely sick. This is why you need to know how to store your pecan pie to prevent it from spoilage. 

So, read the article further to get a clear idea. 

How Long Does Pecan Pie Last? 

It totally depends on the method you choose to store it. Apart from this, the shelf life greatly depends on the fastest perishable element you use in the recipe. You need to refrigerate your pie to increase its lifespan. Generally, pecan pie goes bad when you keep it at room temperature for more than 2 to 4 days. It may even become ingestible to eat if bacteria infest it. 

So, it’s better to keep it in the fridge to enjoy eating it for more than 3 days. They even stay fresh, crunchy, and tasty when you freeze them. But remember, it will not give you the same taste as it should if you freeze it for several days, even if it’s safe to eat. 

Additionally, if you are planning to store your pies, then cover them with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. This way, you can retain their moisture. 

How to tell if Pecan Pie is bad? 

Okay, if you are worried that your pecan pie is spoiled, then you need to smell it. We must say that it is extremely important, as it helps to avoid any kind of health problem. 

Once your pie gets spoiled, it will have an unpleasant odor and undesirable taste. In most cases, you can even detect a spoilt pie from its appearance. You can notice mold on its surface, and it will a bit soggier than before. If you notice these things, it’s time to throw it.

What About a Store-Bought Pie?

When pecan pies come in a box or other container, it means they have preservatives.  In this case, you can keep them for a few days, but check their best-by date to eat it before getting spoiled. 

Besides that, the best-by date also increases if you keep it in refrigerator for the storage. So, if you don't want to finish the pie anytime soon, then freeze it. 

Bottom Line

Pecan pies can’t make you sick if you eat them within a day or two. The simple solution to avoid any health problems is to keep the leftover in the refrigerator instead of keeping them on the counter. 


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