Can you Leave Pecan Pie on the Counter?

Can you Leave Pecan Pie on the Counter?

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Pecan pie is a great dessert and a very popular one. Who doesn’t love the sweetness, taste and flavour of a pecan pie? To make things last add a scoop of your favourite ice cream to make it a delicious and yum pie.

There are certain factors you should look into for getting the best pecan pie.

Can you leave pecan on the counter?

Pecan Pie Shelf Life

It will last about two hours or a bit more while retaining its texture and flavour. Else, you can discard it because bacteria will quickly surface at 40-140 °F. 


Typically, in a good fridge, your pecan pie will last with full flavour and texture for not over 3 to 4 days. That too, if you wrap it in aluminium foil or plastic wrap.

Deep Freezing

You can put your pecan pies in a plastic freezer wrapping, aluminium foil or a heavy-duty freezing bag. This way you can secure your pecan pies for 1 to 2 months.

If you can maintain a temperature of 0°F, your pecan pie will remain safe indefinitely.

Why Refrigerate Pecan Pie?

Refrigeration is the only way you secure your baked pecan pies. Pecan pies comprise eggs, that can get spoiled without cooler conditions, like a fridge. It goes likewise for all other egg-based pies.

When to discard a pecan pie?

The best way to check about the health of a pecan pie remains your smelling sense. Smell it, if it has any unfamiliar smell or appearance discard it. If you see any black marks on it, that may be mold, discard them immediately.


So, it's conclusive you can leave pecan pie at room temperature for two hours maximum. You may freeze them to have some fun and taste later. Else, discard them. 



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