What Temperature Should the Oven Be Set AT to Cook a Pecan Pie? FAQ

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Pecan pie is a classic Southern American dessert that everyone loves, whether the person is an adult or a child. A classic pecan pie will always be a great dessert option for the menu and you will always find it on the dinner table at the end of the festive holidays and dinner party. Baking a pecan pie can be tricky. The key to baking a perfect pie is to know when the pie is ready and when you should take it out of the oven.

What Should Be The Right Temperature For A Pecan Pie?

The right temperature for cooking a pecan pie is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When making a pecan pie, do not get confused with the temperature of the oven and that of the pie. Before making the pie, you must preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Most pies bake well in an oven if you pre-heat it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, 200 degrees Fahrenheit is the internal temperature of the pie when it is ready. Do not let the internal temperature of the pie rise higher than 200F, or else it will over bake. The crust and filling of an over baked pie are harder to eat and you will not be able to enjoy a warm and flaky pie.

When Do You Know, A Pecan Pie Is Done?

Now that you know that 200’ F is the internal temperature for a perfectly baked pecan pie, you should be able to know when to take it out of the oven. The easiest method is to check with a kitchen thermometer. However, if you do not have a kitchen or candy thermometer, you can still check a pie with this trick.

Take out the pie pan and give it a slight shake. The pie filling should jiggle a bit in the middle, but there should be some stability in it. If the pie filling is streaming a little with horizontal movements upon gentle shaking, it needs some more time in the oven.

When your pie is ready, you should take it out of the oven. Do not let the pie sit in the oven as you usually do with cakes. Remember that the internal temperature is high as 200’F allows it to cook a little even after it is out of the oven.



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