How Do You Crimp a Pie Crust?

How Do You Crimp a Pie Crust?

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Who does not love a perfect pie for dessert? Pecan pie, apple, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie you name them all. There are many ways a pie can go wrong. The crust may be under cooked, uneven, or overcooked. The pie filling could be runny in texture. How do you know when a pecan pie is done?  Your pie may even become messy and not look pretty. A messy pie may taste good but it is certainly not a pleasant sight to the eyes.

Why do you have to crimp the pie crust

As much as the taste and texture of the pie are important, its presentation is important too. You not only want your pecan pie to taste perfect but too look superb too. This is why you see chefs and home cooks crimping the edges of the pie. Crimping the edges of the pie is not only good for the presentation but also saves the pie crust from rising too much.

When you crimp the edges of the pie, you ensure that the edges throughout the pie have the same thickness and shape. This way you will not have the pie rise unevenly. If you have rolled the pie crust and it in thickness, you will know it while you are crimping the edges and can fix some of it by pressing your fingers.

How to Crimp the Pie Crust

There are several ways to crimp a pie crust. Each of these methods is very simple and all you need are steady hands.

  1. Classic Scallop Pie Crust - Press your index finger on the inner edge of the crust and pinch the outer edge of the crust. Repeat around the entire pie crust. When you’re done, you have hollow scallop like edges of your pie.
  2. Large Scallop Pie Crust - The large scallop edge is a modern take on the classic scallop crust. Rather than pushing your index finger, use the middle knuckle of your finger to press on the inner edge while pressing the outer edge with the thumb and index finger of your other hand.
  3. Rope Pie Crust - Do not want the scallop edge around your pie? Simply pinch the pie edges onto the sides of the pie pan. Pinching the crust will create a simple and elegant rope-like pattern.
  4. Simple Angled Crimp - This style of crimp is a relative of scalloped crimp but is less dramatic. This method of crimping gives flair to any kind of pie. All you need to do is push down and out the inner edge with your thumb while pushing the outer edge with the index finger of the other hand on the sides of the pie pan. The inner pie crust will have solid crimped edges.
  5. Fork Crust Crimp - If the above crimping methods look too intimidating or you just do not want to do them, then here is a very simple method. Just use the back of your fork to create lines and repeat the pattern around the edge. Your pie edge would look simple yet lovely.

There are several ways to crimp the pie just by using your fingers. Crimping the pie edges gives not only a nice presentation but also ensures the consistency of the pie crust. Of course, if you are running short on time or patience you can always have a pecan pie delivered straight to your doorstep from Millican Pecan Company!

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