Innovative desserts with pecans

Innovative Desserts with Pecans

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Pecan pie is one of the most popular desserts for the holiday season and dinner parties. Pecan pie has been a classic dessert on festive dinner tables for more than a century. Though we all love pecan pie, and baking pecan pie is never going to get old, it is about time to get creative and try new desserts with pecans other than pecan pies and pralines. Here are some simple dessert ideas to make pecan the star of the dish. You can easily find the recipes for these pecan-inspired dessert ideas.

Innovative Desserts with Pecans

1. Cookies

Butter cookies and sugar cookies are simple and yet classic. If you love making cookies, you can easily alter some ingredients and add crushed pralines in the batter of your favorite cookie recipe for the yummy and nutty flavor. Top with some chopped or a whole praline before putting the cookies into the oven.

2. Salted caramel oatmeal fudge bars

Use your favorite oatmeal cookie batter to make cookie bars. Add some caramel, fudge, pecans, and sprinkle some sea salt into the batter. Bake and enjoy the healthy and amazing praline cookie bars.

3. Pecan Fudge

Fudge is one of the simplest and sweetest of the dessert you can make to ease your sweet tooth at any time of the day. The downside of the fudge is just waiting for it to harden but that does not make us stop enjoying fudge. Add loads of chopped pecans into your regular fudge recipe. Pecan fudge is a great way to enjoy crunchy and nutty fudge. What makes pecan fudge so awesome is the nutty flavor and the crunch you get in every bite, which is quite different from the soft and sticky fudge.

4. Praline Cream Chocolate Mouse

Adding praline cream to a chocolate mousse will add a great twist. Praline cream is very simple to make. Pulse equal parts roasted praline with caster sugar in a food processor until it forms a paste-like consistency. Top of the chocolate mousse with praline before you put it into the refrigerator to chill.

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