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Mayor Tom Miller of Austin welcomed the 1958 Annual Convention of the Texas Pecan Growers Association to the Capital City. He pointed out some of the colorful history of the city and invited the group to take advantage of the many points of interest to be found in Austin.


by Hugo Pape, Vice President Texas Pecan Growers Association

Mr. President, Mayor Tom Miller, and fellow pecan growers. It gives me great pleasure in behalf of our Texas Pecan Growers to thank you, Mayor Miller, for your cordial welcome to Austin. We are glad to have our annual 1958 Texas Pecan Growers Association Convention here this year. At our last convention we especially changed our zoning to make this possible. We did this for several reasons. Austin is a beautiful city, located on the fascinating Colorado River, which flows through the hills of Central Texas. Besides being located in the pecan belt of our state, Austin is our state capital and its people are known for their genuine southern hospitality.

There is another reason why the minority of us pecan growers wanted this convention here in Austin. In the past our convention has been dominated by a group commonly referred to as Aggies. The minority of us (Longhorn Sympathizers) have never felt quite at home. This year things are different for we feel at least on par with an equal social standing. In other words, this is more like a home-coming for many of us.

Putting all jokes aside, I do not know of any organization anywhere where there is a more fraternal and closer friendship than in our Texas Pecan Growers Association. For many of us this is one of the outstanding meetings of the year.

Again, Mayor Miller, we want to say that we are glad to be here. We are looking forward with great anticipation to an outstanding convention.

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