Pecans for all occasions

Pecans for All Occasions

The Millicans

One of the best things about festivals and occasions is receiving gifts. Whether it is Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or birthdays, you want the day to be special for your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, make sure to choose a gift that they’ll never forget and will always appreciate. Millican Pecans have the delightful pecan treats for all occasions.

Pecans for Thanksgiving

A warm and sweet pecan pie is a must-have for every Thanksgiving. But it does not mean that you only enjoy pecans as a pie on Thanksgiving. Our Pecan Log Rolls are a great pecan treat to enjoy during this fall season as well. Our Pecan log rolls have a crunchy top and a creamy, gooey center with a rich pecan flavor.

In addition, our Seventh Heaven Pecan Gift Tin is a perfect Thanksgiving gift for anyone. The tin includes amazing flavored pecans and silken chocolate covered pecans.

Pecans for Christmas Gifts

Whether you enjoy any other holidays or not, everyone prepares for the Christmas season. There are so many treats you can make with pecans. Or you can order our delicious pecan treats so that you have enough time to spend with your loved ones. From pecan pralines to candied pecans, we have many pecan delicacies to make your Christmas sweeter.

Pecans for Birthday and Anniversary

It is often hard to decide what gift to choose for a birthday or anniversary. From clothes and accessories to perfumes and cosmetics, it’s likely that you have gifted all of these to your close ones. Now, you are looking for a unique gift idea.

Our pecan gifts are perfect for all memorable occasions. From gift tins to a box of chocolate pecan truffles, you can choose anything. If your friend is a true pecan lover, you can gift them a bag of in-shell pecans that comes with a pecan sheller.

We also feature a ‘birthday special’ pecan gift package. There are sorted pecan toffees and chocolate pecans. We also offer a yummy Butter Pecan Coffee that makes a suitable gift for a coffee lover. To finish off the package, we add a bow and a Happy Birthday balloon to make the gift special.

Pecans for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, we offer Chocolate Pecans, and Pecan Truffles in a cute heart-shaped boxes. If you are bored of giving the same old chocolates on Valentine’s Day, choose from our range of pecan treats for something different.

We make Chocolate Pecans with freshly harvested pecans, silky milk and white chocolate, and little love. Enjoy eating crunchy pecans covered in decadent chocolate with your significant other.

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