Pecan Snack Platter

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The American Pecan Council

Pecans make for an easy nutritious and versatile snack. Pair them with a variety of accouterments – from fruits and vegetables to cheese and chocolate – for a simple yet impressive snack platter you can serve at your next gathering.  Recipe notes: All ingredients can be included to taste Find the recipe for the Roasted Red Pepper Pecan Dip here Find the recipe for the Pecan, Bacon and Jalapeno Cheese Ball here


  • Roasted red pepper pecan dip (see recipe notes)
  • Pecan, bacon and Jalapeno cheese ball (see recipe notes)
  • Assorted seasonal fresh fruit like blueberries and apples
  • Assorted seasonal fresh vegetables like peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Assorted dried fruit like figs, dried apples
  • Toasted pecan halves
  • Honey
  • Whole grain mustard
  • Olives
  • Cured meat, if desired
  • Crackers or bread toasts
  • Dark chocolate


  1. To assemble: arrange pecan, bacon and jalapeno cheese ball, roasted red pepper dip, and desired accouterments on a large platter, cutting board, or slate slab and allow guests to serve themselves.

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