Vegan Pecan Eggnog

Pecan Recipes
Serve up a lighter version of a holiday classic with this recipe for pecan eggnog. Combine simple to make pecan milk with dates, spices and a banana for a vegan eggnog, and add bourbon for a spiked version if you’d like.

Slow Cooker Mulled Cider Recipe with Pecan Dusted Rim

Pecan Recipes
This stress-free slow cooker drink is perfect for cooler days and elevated with a pecan caramel rim.

Pecan-Infused Bourbon

Pecan Recipes
Add pecans to your favorite cocktail with this pecan-infused bourbon! Requiring just three ingredients, add toasted pecans, bourbon and vanilla to a mason jar and let sit for a few days. Once infused, use it to make your drink of choice including a Pecan Old Fashioned or Pecan Hot Toddy.

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