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The Millicans
Pecans are one of Mother Nature’s best gifts we have. Roasted pecans are ideal for satiating untimely hunger pangs. With pecans, you can make delicious desserts, including pecan pie, pecan pralines, pecan cheesecake, and much more. Pecan scented soap can make you smell nice and fresh all day long. Pecan scented candles accentuate your home’s ambiance by radiating a soothing aroma. We can go and on about various pecan products and their benefits

Pecan Treats from Millican Pecan

The Millicans
If you live in Texas, pecans will certainly remind you of your childhood. And I would say you are lucky if some of those pecan memories are of home...

NUTS About You!

The Millicans
Millican Pecan has unique gift options to satisfy your valentine’s sweet tooth from a gift basket of butter pecan coffee and cappuccino pecans for the coffee lover, to the ultimate romancer’s dream of pecan truffles in a heart-shaped box. Or maybe your honey is on the anti-Valentine’s Day side of the romance spectrum; our jalapeno pecan jelly or “manly” tin of salted and roasted pecans will be just the ticket to win them over.

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