Pecan pies from Millican Pecan

Pecan Pies from Millican Pecan

The Millicans

Pecan pie is a Southern American dessert that people all over the United States love. Many consider it the true-native American dish. However, there are claims that pecan pie came from the French. We don’t know the exact history of pecan pie but what matters is that it is a scrumptious pie we love, and it is an important part of Southern cuisine.

Pecan pie is a must-have at festive holiday dinners. The star of every Thanksgiving, pecan pie, is never going to go out of trend. Now you don’t have to wait for the holiday season or a dinner party to have a pecan pie. We, at Millican Pecan, make the best pecan pie in Texas all year long.

Pecan Pies From Millican Pecan

Our Texas Pecan Pie was also featured in Food Network. Our pecan pie has the perfect flaky, buttery crust with a sweet, nutty filling. The pies have crunchy roasted pecan halves at the top to further add texture and flavor. Our customers keep coming for our pecan pies, and we couldn’t be happier. We feel honor in making this classic Southern Desert readily available to everyone.

How To Enjoy Our Pecan Pie

When you get our pecan pie, all you need to do is brush it with butter and bake for 35 minutes at 350oF or 180oC. You can store the pie before baking it in the refrigerator for three days. You can freeze the pecan pie for four to five months in the freezer. Make sure to cover the pie properly when freezing so that it doesn’t frost.

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Varieties of Pecan Pies

The classic Texas pecan pie is a pure delight to have. However, we have a few varieties to make this dessert more delicious and exciting.

  • Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie - Order our Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie to enjoy a new twist. With a splash of bourbon, our classic pecan pie tastes better.
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie - There are some desserts that do not go well with chocolates. Fortunately, pecan pie is not one of those desserts. We offer pecan pie generously drizzled with pure silken chocolate. If you are a true chocolate lover, then you must try our Chocolate Pecan Pie.
  • Texas Pecan Pie - If you prefer a classic pecan pie, so be it. All of our customers love the Texas Pecan Pie we make, and they keep coming back for more. We also deliver mini pecan pie so that you have a quick fix to your sweet tooth. You can also get 12 mini pecan pies when you have a dinner party or a movie night with your friends.