How to store pecan nuts in refrigerator or freezer

How to Store Pecan Nuts the Proper Way

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When I spend money I want to make sure that I take care of the item I’ve purchased in order to ensure my money is not wasted. Most of us are that way, right? It’s no different with perishable items. In fact, I am probably more protective of the food items I purchase. Food is, after all, a passion of mine. And fresh pecans, well….that’s something I know a thing or two about. For awhile now you’ve been asking us how to store pecan nuts and, friend, this is your go-to place to get those questions answered.

How to Store Pecan Nuts the Proper Way

First of all, I want to clarify something. Fresh pecans are a produce item. Really! I know your local grocery store displays pecans on a shelf at room temperature, but I am here to tell you that they are storing them in the wrong place. I have to admit that I cringe when I’m grocery shopping and pass the shelf of fresh pecans. They should get the same royal treatment that strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, cilantro and other delicate fruits and veggies get. (Sorry I just had to list some of my favorites.) But they don’t. They are placed on a shelf and are expected to deliver the same great taste as the other produce items but without the same controlled temperature.

How long do pecans last in the fridge?

Pecans can last quite a while in the fridge, thanks to its cool temperature, which helps preserve their freshness. When stored properly in an airtight container or a resealable bag, pecans can maintain their quality for up to 6 months in the fridge. It's important to keep them away from strong odors to prevent any flavor absorption. If you want to extend their shelf life even further, consider freezing them, where they can stay fresh for about 2 years. This way, you'll always have these delightful nuts ready for your culinary creations or snacking enjoyment.

how long can you keep pecans in the refrigerator? = 6 Months

Store Pecan Nuts for Best Results

When it comes to pecans and keeping them fresh the thing to remember is that they are like most produce items. They must be kept at cool temperatures. At the very least you should keep them in the refrigerator. But I personally recommend that you store pecan nuts in the freezer. Yes, that’s right. Just go ahead and designate a special place in your freezer for all the fresh pecans you have on hand. You manage to find room for your meat and some of the select fruits for your morning smoothies. So don’t worry, you will find some room. And you know what? You will be glad you did.How I store pecan nuts in my freezer

In fact, if you follow these two guidelines then your pecans will last four times as long or more. And furthermore, your pecans will keep that fresh, crisp texture that we all want to consume year-round. So here are the 2 storage guidelines you must follow to produce the best results.

Top 2 Ways to Store Pecans

  1. Store pecan nuts in the Refrigerator

     – Pecans will last for six months if stored in the refrigerator. Make sure they are in a 1 pound zip lock bag and that you store them in the coolest part of your refrigerator. Be sure that the bag is sealed to ensure freshness and quality.

  2. Store pecan nuts in the Freezer

     – Pecans can last for one year if stored in the freezer. I suggest storing them in 1 pound zip lock bags. As with refrigerator storage, be sure that the bag is well sealed to keep them fresh and to maintain the best quality. They easily lay flat and can be stacked on top of each other this way. In fact, this is how we sell them at Millican Pecan Company. Just simply take 1 pound out at time and let them thaw before you use them for baking or eating plain.

Let’s Get Personal

Here are some pictures of my own freezer at home so you can see how I store pecan nuts for my personal use. So now that you know how to properly store pecans it’s time to take some action. We all need accountability in our lives, so here is my challenge to you. Take a picture of your pecans stored in your refrigerator or freezer. Then post it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #storepecans and be sure to tag Millican Pecan Company.

If you are like me this is the perfect little activity to tackle because let’s all be real honest…our refrigerators and freezers can always handle some special attention. In fact, while we are being honest I actually had to do a little cleaning myself in my freezer before I took these pictures. It’s the truth and now I feel better, too, because organization adds a little clarity to my life. Happy organizing and enjoy your properly stored pecans!

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