Shop for Bulk Wholesale Pecans from Millican Pecan

Shop For Bulk Wholesale Pecans from Millican Pecan

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Finding fresh pecans sold at bulk or for wholesale can be difficult. Not every store has fresh pecans on their shelves. Pecans harvested several seasons ago is what’s commonly sold in stores today.

Shop for Bulk Wholesale Pecans from Millican Pecan

Have you ever had a fresh pecan? The buttery, soft crunch is a signature characteristic that keeps customers coming back. When you are interested in quality, going fresh is usually the best choice.

Why Buy Pecans in Bulk?

Buying pecans in bulk or wholesale from a trusted source will guarantee a fresh supply. This is because, as opposed to getting some from the store, fresh pecans can be frozen and last for as long as two years. Lasting freshness is not the only reason to buy in bulk. Pecans are rich in nutrients, containing over 19 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants to help boost your immune system.

Cardiovascular Health

Improving your diet is much easier to do when you have daily access to a bulk of healthy foods. Did you know, just a handful of pecans a day can help lower your cholesterol levels? According to the American Heart Association, pecans are an excellent source of natural fat and fiber, which should be necessary staples in everyone’s diet. The high-fat and fiber content helps keep you feeling full longer. Staying pleasantly satisfied between meals helps with weight management.

Pecans are a great source of monounsaturated fats which studies have shown works to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. When a build-up of fatty acids develops along the arterial walls, the chances of heart disease or stroke increases. Healthy (HDL) cholesterol carries the bad cholesterol away from the heart, keeping the arteries clear. Pecan nuts can help create a well-balanced lipids profile supporting your overall cardiovascular health.

What Sets Millican Pecans Apart?

Pecans sold in stores are often batches harvested months before making it to the shelves. Millican Pecan is dedicated to maintaining quality freshness by sending them directly from their orchards. The main differences between orchard-fresh Millican Pecans and grocery stores are the presentation and the flavor.

Most grocery stores carry pecans that were picked anywhere from two to four seasons prior and are typically Grade 2 pecans. They are also sent through a cooking process, which makes them more brittle. Millican Pecans does not undergo a cooking process, are Grade 1 fancy pecans and are picked fresh every season.

Wholesale Price of Pecans

Millican Pecan offers bulk pricing options for pecan halves, pieces, and flour. There are various sizes you can get depending on what type of pecans you choose. The pecan halves come in six sizes and the pecan pieces come in five sizes.

Pecan Halves

The Native (topper) pecan halves can be bought in bulk at 651lb (1431kg) or more. Medium halves can be purchased in bulk at 551 to 650lb (1201 to 1430kg). Large halves can be ordered in bulk at 451 to 550lb (991 to 1200kg). The medium, large, and jumbo halves are also available for special orders. The Jr. Mammoth pecan halves are available in bulk as well at 251 to 300lb (551 to 660kg). If you are looking for giant pecans, mammoth halves can be acquired at bulk orders of 250lb (550kg) or less.

Pecan Pieces

Chopped pecans vary in sizes from midget to extra large. Midget bits are over 6/64” through 12/64” and are available for special order. Small pieces run over 12/64” through 16/64” with the medium sizes being over 16/64” and through 24/64”. Large pecan pieces are over 24/64” through 32/64”. The extra-large pecan pieces are over 32/64” through 36/64” and are also available for special order.

 Pecan Meal

Millican Pecan offers pecan meal for all your baking, cooking, and brewing needs. Pecan meal is well-crushed through to 4/64” or one-sixteenths of an inch. It can pass through the smallest screens and is great for sprucing up old recipes.

Did you know you can use pecan meal as you would flour? Pecan meal, also referred to as pecan flour, is perfect for breading meats when preparing a delicious dinner. You can also use it to help enrich your favorite pecan pie recipe.

Pecan meal has a nutty flavor that adds a unique touch to your home-brewed beer. If you are a fan of craft beers, add pecan meal to your mash bill for a truly distinct taste.

Consistent Wholesale Pecan Supply

Finding bulk pecans at decent prices can be challenging when taking into account the season, pecan yield, and competition. The price of wholesale pecan nuts does change from year to year. It all depends on availability. If there are limitations because of smaller harvests or increased demand, don’t be surprised by fluctuating prices.

Whether you own a small sweet shop or run a grocery chain, locking in your bulk pecan price is the best way to save on time and money. Consider a wholesale pecan contract to eliminate worries about your pecan supply getting too low.

Where can I find bulk pecans for sale near me?

If you are interested in buying bulk pecans or wholesale pecans and are based in the U.S., we would love to help. Millican Pecans are harvested at peak freshness from their orchards in San Saba, Texas.

Millican Pecans has you covered whether you are a business owner seeking a reputable pecan nut supplier or a nut enthusiast needing to re-stock your pantry. We offer whole pecans, halves or pieces, pecan meal, gift baskets or gift tins, pecan jellies, treats, and pies.

Do you run a gift shop or are you a vendor at a local farmer’s market? Maybe you run a bakery, restaurant, or gourmet food shop. Millican Pecans have caught national attention, having been featured on television shows and in popular food magazines. Don’t be surprised if these sweet, buttery morsels become a quick favorite.


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