Roasted Pecan Butternut Squash Soup

Pecan Recipes
A creamy, silky soup that’s wholesome too. Roasted pecans add flavor, plant-based protein and good fats to this dairy-free, vegan and paleo soup that can be served as a side dish or main.

Mexican Style Oaxacan Bowl with Pecans

Pecan Recipes
This vegan and grain-free Mexican Style Oaxacan Bowl is chock full of flavor and good-for-you ingredients. Toasted chipotle pecans add a flavorful and nutritious crunch to a bowl full of chipotle sweet potatoes, roasted sweet peppers, seasoned black beans and cabbage slaw.

Spicy Pecan Italian “Sausage”

Pecan Recipes
Ground pecans and season them with herbs and spices to create a plant-based “meat” alternative. Use this spicy Italian “sausage” it on a flatbread, pizza, soup and more. You can also use different seasonings and use it on tacos or in a breakfast casserole.

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