Toasted Pecan, Quinoa and Maple Mustard Kale Salad

Pecan Recipes
This power-packed, vegan salad combines pecans, kale, golden beets, green beans and quinoa. Topped with a maple mustard dressing, it makes for a delicious meal, wholesome appetizer or colorful side dish.

Superfood Pecan Tacos

Pecan Recipes
Everyone loves tacos! Easily make vegetarian superfood tacos using ground pecans as a nutritious plant-based protein for taco “meat.”

Pecan Snack Platter

Pecan Recipes
Pecans make for an easy nutritious and versatile snack. Pair them with a variety of accouterments – from fruits and vegetables to cheese and chocolate – for a simple yet impressive snack platter you can serve at your next gathering.  Recipe notes: All ingredients can be included to taste Find the recipe for the Roasted Red Pepper Pecan Dip here Find the recipe for the Pecan, Bacon and Jalapeno Cheese Ball here

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